Andrea Webb's Healing Centre - The Home of Subtle Energy Medicine

Welcome to the world of
Subtle Energy Medicine! 
So what is it exactly?  Where doctors work with the physical body, a subtle energy medicine practitioner works with the electromagnetic field, that surrounds each and every one of us.  You may have heard it referred to as the aura.
It is subtle because it is of a faster vibration than the physical body, which is why most people are unable to see it.  Think of the wheels of a car; when a car is stationery, you are able to see the wheel spokes quite clearly.  Once it is moving and the wheels begin to turn, the spokes blur, especially when the car is travelling at speed.  The vibration of the wheel is faster than when it is stationery and hence we are unable to see the spokes of the wheel.  But it doesn’t mean to say they are not there.
Our electromagnetic or subtle bodies are the same; it is just vibrating at a higher frequency than our physical body.  This type of healing is also known as vibrational healing.

So how can this help me?

  • Reduction in stress
  • Improved relationships
  • Improvement in your sense of well-being
  • Difficult life changes
  • Helps deal with grief and loss more easily
  • Calms the emotions
  • Increases self confidence and self worth
  • Increases self esteem and self respect
  • More energy
  • More purpose in life
  • Aids restful sleep
Our subtle body has a number of systems within this body, chakras being one of them, and a subtle energy medicine practitioner uses these systems in order to find the cause of an issue or problem.  A practitioner may use crystal healing, energy healing, Bach flower remedies and flowers, and colour therapy as tools to bring balance and harmony to the individual. 

Andrea is a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist™, a highly qualified therapist.  All treatments, classes, workshops and courses take place in the relaxing and tranquil Rainbow Room in her home at Andrea Webb's Healing Centre, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.
Cheshunt is within easy reach of London, Essex and Middlesex.

Andrea Webb O.S Dip.C.Th, MVHF.SEMS™ MFSEM

"Just a little note to express my gratitude for the gentle & cleansing - yet, (still) powerful subtle energy healing I received from you last month.  It really has worked wonders within myself (& my life) & served as a catalyst to put the wheels in motion (once again) releasing that which no longer serves me or my higher good & embracing the positive & colourful metamorphosis of my soul.  Life is such a vast & wondrous adventure. Thank you so very much.  Much love, light and rainbow blessings"