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What Exactly is a Guardian Angel?

Just before Christmas I had stand at a workshop, and because I had the stand, was invited to take part in the workshop.  The subject of the workshop, being just before Christmas was very appropriately on Angels.  The workshop itself is not what I wish to discuss here, but an idea that I was presented with that I have not considered for many years.  I expect those of you who have been on your path for a similar number of years have also not considered this idea for a while.  The idea being your guardian angel.

I wish to question, what exactly is a guardian angel.  When we start out on our spiritual path, we very soon come across the idea of angels and specifically our guardian angel.  Some people may have been brought up with the idea of the guardian angel all their lives.  But then when we start to go further the deeper along our path, this idea seems to fade, often far into the background.

A young lady at the workshop who incidentally is very new on her spiritual quest, invited us all to do a meditation to discover our own guardian angel.  She informed us that her angel had given her a name to refer to.  I must confess that I didn't actually do the meditation, but followed her words and pondered on the meaning of a guardian angel.

When first starting out, I attended various workshops and read certain books, all of which suggesting the importance of discovering the name of  your guardian angel.

As I have travelled further and deeper along my particular path, I have come to know and work with my Higher Self, the bigger and better part of me that I really am.  I'm sure many of you understand what I mean by this, but please let me know if you do not.  This Higher Self of mine has known me intimately through all my many lives in my many guises, and also knows my particular blueprint for this particular life and what I have decided to achieve, learn, understand in this life and the very people who I will meet to help me on my way.
Many people believe they have a soul name, a name different from the one that their physical body has.  I would like to suggest that a person's guardian angel is in fact their own Higher Self.  Given what a guardian angel is supposed to do, our Higher Self does all of this and more, especially once you start any communication.

The angelic itself I sense is something different from this and should be a subject for a separate post.  I welcome your thoughts and opinions on this.

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