Andrea Webb's Healing Centre - The Home of Subtle Energy Medicine

I first went to Andrea for Stress Healing; I had been very stressed. Andrea's therapy helped a lot by making me feel relaxed.  She gave me ways to cope with stressful situations on a daily basis.  Andrea was very helpful, calm and patient and I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling stressed.

I have had a series of sessions with Andrea for Stress Healing.  I found Andrea to be an empathetic listener who encouraged me in many ways to gain clarity and confidence with many stuck areas in my life. I felt able to open up about my life to Andrea as I know it was in confidence and a safe environment.  I enjoyed the healing, meditations and the exercises which I found relaxing and empowering. I enjoyed Andrea's healing room, which I found beautiful and relaxing in itself.  Andrea also has taught me some valuable techniques for relaxation and which are quite meditative which can be done in a matter of seconds and can be done anywhere without listening to an mp3 player or cd player.  I have no hesitation in recommending Andrea's Stress Healing to anyone who may feel they wish to address problems with anxiety, stress or need healing in general.  I feel more confident and happier as a result of this healing.

Being a very stressed and busy person, I approached Andrea as a complete cynic towards healing of any kind.  She took me through everything step by step and used both crystal and colour healing in order to help me relax and de stress.  She made me feel at ease and comfortable in my surroundings and I left her feeling a lot better about myself and about my day ahead.  She also taught me how to deal with stressful situations in between healing sessions which I have found to be very helpful and effective.
Thank you very very much for that healing; I really was impressed and I feel much calmer and more relaxed and I’ll be in touch with you again soon.
As this was my first treatment with you I was not sure what to expect as I had never had this type of treatment before I need not have worried ... from the start you put me at my ease.  I found your in depth consultation useful and made me realise I neglect areas of my life ... you gave very sound    advice too.  When being given healing by you with the crystals I went into a wonderful deep relaxed state and afterwards was very energised and felt more balanced within myself.  I look forward to another treatment with you and have recommended you to family and friends as I have found you very caring and professional.
Andrea gave me a crystal healing session, something I had never before experienced.  The whole process was extremely relaxing and Andrea put me at my ease from the start.  She assisted me through the questionnaire and explained the following analysis and dowsing methods she was using, in order to select the appropriate areas for the following healing.  The actual healing was very enjoyable.  Andrea used various crystals and healing colours whilst I lay in a very relaxed state.  I could feel the various energies washing over me and through me which was very pleasant.  Following the therapy, I felt much clearer about an emotional episode I was going through surrounding a relationship.  It helped calm any anxiety I was feeling at the time.  All in all a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I would definitely repeat.
Andrea is a confident therapist who quickly puts you at ease during the consultation, which was very interesting and informative.  I had not had colour therapy before and found the healing relaxing and peaceful.  I would recommend it to other busy people looking for some ‘me time’.