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The image of the rose can help when used in stress therapy.
Stress Therapy 

This is completely separate from Stress Healing.  This therapy is useful when stress has really started to affect you, be it your health, work, lifestyle or something else.  It can often be a combination of several things.  Stress builds and becomes bigger and bigger leading to chronic physical symptoms which go deeper into the body, and therefore causing more problems if not dealt with.

It is a specific programme of six sessions where you learn to understand how you relate to stress and how to stop it at its root cause.  It shows how you can be in control of your stress through relaxation and cognitive restructuring known as biofeedback.  To gain maximum benefit, all six sessions must be completed.

Please also see stress healing as this may be more appropriate for you.

All sessions take place in the Rainbow Room at Andrea Webb's Healing Centre in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

Six week course - £330
Can be paid in instalments