Andrea Webb's Healing Centre - The Home of Subtle Energy Medicine

Crystal Healing is a holistic therapy, which means the focus is on the person as a whole and not on physical symptoms.  The aim is to restore wholeness, balance and health on levels of the emotions, mind and spirit, which ultimately affect the individual on all levels and supports the recovery processes. 

Crystal healing and subtle energy medicine often involves some form of change in a client's overall way of being.  It may be through a relief of stress and tension, through revitalisation, relaxation or establishing a greater amount of peace and harmony. 

Many crystals are said to be helpful with certain conditions or symptoms and have so called traditional meanings.  Lists of these only serve as an initial, general guideline, usually to describe their overall energy and therefore greatly over simplify issues.  Although different people can suffer from identical conditions or symptoms, the cause of these symptoms often varies considerably from person to person and the disturbance in the auric field may be of a very different nature.  Equally, a person is unique and will need the appropriate crystals for their specific needs. 

These are some reasons as to why it is not possible to generalise concerning using crystals for healing.  It is a specialised subject and we strongly advise that anyone who thinks of using them on others ensures they receive the appropriate training before doing so. 

We do not make statements purporting that the properties of certain crystals can heal specific physical symptoms. 

Crystal healing can be combined with other forms of healing, but we recommend that the healer is fully trained in the healing modality they wish to use.  There is a notion that it is very easy to learn about and practice crystal healing.  In our view this is a huge misconception because it takes time and experience to see someone as a being of energy, to assess where there may be disruptions and then to use the energy of crystals and other tools effectively.  Crystals used incorrectly, can have a negative effect or aggravate issues.

It is equally important that the client knows exactly what therapy they are receiving and can be secure in the knowledge that their practitioner is fully qualified in what they practice!