Andrea Webb's Healing Centre - The Home of Subtle Energy Medicine
Crystal Healing 

This is similar to energy healing, but includes the use of crystals working within the subtle bodies to effect the healing.  All crystals have properties, such as strengthening, clearing, grounding, and they are used to shape and focus the energy that is needed for the client.    Appropriate crystals are placed on and/or around the client as necessary, which work on the cause of the issue or problem that is being experienced, not the symptom.  As everyone is different, it is unlikely that two people with the same symptoms will receive the same crystal 'prescription'.  It is for this reason that we do not advocate the use of chakra sets due to the individuality of people.

Many types of crystals are used in crystal healing.  This is an amethyst crystal bed.
What happens during a Crystal Healing Treatment? 

There will be a short questionnaire to complete prior to the treatment.  You will then be asked to lie down, fully clothed, on some cushions or a therapy couch, or sit on a chair.  You may be asked to remove jewellery.  You will be put into a state of relaxation and then the crystals will be placed on or around you.  You may experience tingling, heat, or indeed nothing at all.  Please be aware that changes are occurring in the subtle bodies, but take time before the effects can be felt in the physical.  After the healing has finished, you are likely to feel more relaxed than when you arrived.  On occasion, things may intensify slightly within the three days after a treatment, but will normalise after this time. 

Sessions are usually no longer than an hour.  However, depending on the issue or problem, you may be advised to have further sessions.  This is so you can integrate any changes within you with ease. 

All sessions take place in the Rainbow Room at Andrea Webb's Healing Centre in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

Sessions - £60 an hour