Andrea Webb's Healing Centre - The Home of Subtle Energy Medicine
About Andrea 

Andrea Webb has been involved with the healing industry for over 12 years.  She is compassionate and her clients feel a sense of peace and are at ease during their healing sessions.  She is passionate about her work and delights in helping others overcome their hurdles in life.

Andrea says:  Having developed an interest in healing and all things spiritual, a particular healer was recommended to me who used past life regression, crystal healing and her psychic abilities, and suggested that that in time, I too would become a healer!  As I’d always loved colour, I decided to look into that aspect healing. 

Having completed a correspondence course in the subject, I realised that apart from extra knowledge I now had about colour, I certainly didn't feel that I knew enough to practice on the public.  So I looked for an attendance course and duly completed a two year diploma course with the Oracle School of Colour, graduating in 2003.

During this time I felt drawn to crystals and once I had my colour therapy diploma under my belt, I found myself at the Vibrational Healing Foundation (VHF) where I achieved diplomas in their Teacher Training Course (2004) Bach Flower Healing (2005) and Crystal and Energy Healing (2007).  

Stress Therapy came next and I trained under The Association of Stress Therapists graduating in 2008.

In 2010 I commenced a series of post-graduate development courses with VHF, culminating in achieving the Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist qualification in 2013.

In total, I have had eight years training for the various therapies in which I am qualified.

These mediums are extremely powerful and help heal unhelpful patterns that cause you difficulties in life and that you wish to work through, enabling you to become more whole, more at peace and more contented within your being.  I believe that we can all become better versions of ourselves and healing is one step towards that goal. Come and experience the wonder of healing and start on your journey to become a better you. 

Andrea is available for classes, workshops and talks in addition to the crystal and energy diploma course.  These take place in the tranquil Rainbow Room, at Andrea Webb's Healing Centre.  She is based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, close to London, Essex and Middlesex.  Please contact her here for more information or an appointment.